Zoya Nasir, a versatile personality in acting and modeling, recently shared insights into her life journey. Having pursued cosmetology in the USA, she worked hard to obtain her license. However, upon returning to Pakistan, she discovered the absence of licensing requirements for salons.

In a podcast with Hina Altaf, Zoya highlighted the cultural differences she experienced when moving from Pakistan to the USA, particularly in the extravagant makeup styles for small gatherings. 

Despite her exposure abroad, Zoya strongly expressed a preference for living in Pakistan, emphasizing the comfort and cultural connection she feels in her homeland. According to her, the strong ties to cultural roots among Pakistanis eliminate any identity crisis, making Pakistan her preferred place to call home.

Zoya Nasir, the actor-influencer, recently spoke candidly about her teenage marriage and subsequent divorce. At the age of 19, she married a man eight years her senior, emphasizing the challenges she faced and the lack of independence in her early married life. Nasir expressed the importance of empowering young girls with education and career opportunities before marriage.

 Reflecting on her divorce, she highlighted the realization that such a commitment at a young age was not the right path. Nasir, known for her performances in dramas like ‘Hania’ and ‘Mere Humsafar,’ urged parents to refrain from marrying off their young daughters, advocating for a broader perspective in life. Notably, she got engaged to Christian Betzmann in 2021, but the relationship ended a few months later.

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